Call Girls in Mulan

Call Girls in Mulan

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One of the most powerful films that have been made in recent years is Mulan. This story tells of a woman who served as a soldier for many years. She was able to achieve great merit, but she was never recognized for her service. After returning home, she and her husband married. However, the emperor had not yet been able to recognize her efforts. The two eventually had a daughter named Yuan Qi.

In addition to her great merit, Mulan was also a surrogate for Western values. When she first served on the battlefield, her fellow soldiers were shocked to see that she was a call girls in Multan. It’s interesting to note that, at that time, the patriarchy was so strong that a woman would not be seen as a warrior. Consequently, her male comrades were unable to acknowledge her. Ultimately, she became the one who fought against the Chinese patriarchy. Throughout the film, she is described as a hard worker who is dedicated to her work.

However, Mulan’s feminist struggle is a central aspect of a much larger cultural imperialist agenda. She represents an ardent nationalist and is also used to shame male comrades who lack patriotic pride. Therefore, this is a message that is contrary to equality.