Rate of Girls

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High is the Rate of Girls in Lahore?

Unfortunately, Pakistan has few government schools for girls. Moreover, many children can’t reach them safely because they’re overcrowded. When girls graduate from 10th grade, the transition is not easy. In Pakistan, secondary school education ends with the intermediate college, or secondary school certificate, which teaches eleventh and twelveth grades. But with the low number of government colleges in Lahore, it’s not surprising that there’s an incredibly high dropout rate.

How High is the Rate of Girls in Lahore?

The rate of girls in Lahore depends on a number of factors. The most obvious is age. Girls are forced into the sex trade at a young age. Those who are willing to pay are likely to be treated like queens. Often, you’ll get more quality service with a call girl than you’d get with a regular prostitute. While this is still illegal, it is a much safer option than exposing yourself to the risks of meeting girls in a brothel.

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