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If you’re considering getting into backpage sex services, there are a few things you should be aware of. First, be wary of Backpage guys. They’re usually the
ones who wait until the end of the month to contact you and lower your rates. This is because they think you’re desperate for a good time, but this is not the
case. Fortunately, there are alternatives to Backpage.

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Backpage Sex Services

The case against Backpage began in October 2016, when the company’s CEO, Carel Ferrer, was arrested for profiting off of sex-trafficking ads. Several
U.S. senators concluded that Backpage facilitated prostitution and child sex trafficking and concealed its own criminality. In response to the accusations,
Backpage pulled its adult ads section. That’s not to say that they are ignoring their responsibilities, but it doesn’t make them any less important.
While the Backpage sex services have been a huge problem for sex workers, these services have become a haven for them. According to a recent study,
women who used erotic services were 17 percent less likely to commit homicide. This trend makes sense because sex workers are responsible for a large
number of female homicides. Because of the safety of these services, fewer escorts are killed.
Aside from its safety issues, Backpage sex services was also a source of revenue for many sex workers. With its reputation for being a safe, nonthreatening environment, many people who used Backpage to earn a living have expressed their concern about losing their access to it. Sarah Fenix, a
former sex worker, shared her story on how the Backpage changed her life. The site was a lifesaver, a place where she could cross-check potential clients
before going out with them.