TikTokers Accused Of Starting Forest Fires

Many people are shocked by the news that TikTokers have been accused of starting forest fires. While they are not responsible for the fires themselves, these videos have a negative impact on the environment. They are not only causing harm to wildlife and the environment, but they are also destroying public property. These videos have prompted many to call for the removal of these videos. Many of these videos have been taken down after receiving backlash. Some of these videos have been shared on social media by people who tagged the police and called for the perpetrators of this crime to face the consequences. Some people have even called for TikTok to ban these users and take legal action against them.


A TikTok video featuring a man intentionally starting a forest fire has gone viral on social media. The video shows the man deliberately setting fire to trees, sparking widespread public condemnation. Users of social media criticized the man for depleting natural resources, while authorities identified the man. They have since filed a criminal case against him.

The TikTokers video was uploaded by Lumaira “Dolly” Asghar, who has 11.5 million followers. The caption of her video set off alarm bells for many people, and many have contacted police. The police filed a complaint against the TikToker.

In Pakistan, forest fires are common during the months of April and May, when temperatures are at a high. The weather conditions, coupled with slash-and-burn farming, often trigger forest fires. While Asghar, the young man in the video, denied intentionally setting the fire, the video clearly illustrates the issues with modern-day influencing. People must take the time to understand the risks.

TikToker Dolly

Environmental campaigners have condemned a TikTok video in which ‘Dolly’ posed in front of a forest fire in Pakistan. The video has since been deleted. The video was posted as part of a promotional campaign for Bling clothing. The singer and TikTokers user has 11 million followers. It violated community guidelines and sparked a police investigation. However, it is not the first dangerous trend to hit TikTok.

Several wildfires have broken out in the country this summer, including in the Margalla Hills National Park, which was filmed by Dolly. The incident occurred during a heatwave and has caused significant damage to the ecosystem. The fires have been caused by a combination of high temperatures, lightning, and slash-and-burn farming practices. The hills where the video was filmed are part of the Himalayan mountain range and home to several endangered species. There are more than 600 plant species and 250 bird species in the area, which is home to more than 38 mammals and 13 reptiles.

The video, which is believed to be fake, has sparked a controversy in Pakistan after being posted by a TikToker with millions of followers. The woman, known as Dolly, walked in front of a burning hillside while wearing a silver ball gown. She captioned the video, “Fire erupts everywhere I go,” in reference to the heatwave.

Lumaira “Dolly” Asghar

With 11.5 million followers on TikTokers, Lumaira “Dolly” Asgher is now facing accusations of intentionally starting forest fires. Her video caption, “TikTok: I’m starting a forest fire,” has caused a backlash among some users.

TikToker Lumaira “Asghar”

A TikTokers star with 11.5 million followers has been accused of intentionally setting forest fires. Her video caption has angered many of her fans. It also sparked an investigation into similar cases. This comes at a time when the United States is facing record high temperatures and a forest fire season.

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